The constant commitment to invest in research and development has allowed our company to embark on a long journey in the design and processing of composite materials, always characterized by their high level of innovation and technology. 

A path of entrepreneurial brilliance spanning over a century, passed down through three generations, marked by a strong guiding principle: evolution. 

Collaborations with world-leading clients have enabled Carbonmade to successfully diversify its range of products across various sectors, acquiring new production techniques and know-ho


Currently, Carbonmade operates across two locations, totaling 5.000 square meters, where it hosts all product design and engineering activities, mold making, production and quality control.

The highly selected and qualified staff oversees the entire manufacturing cycle of the product, ensuring constant monitoring of processes and high-quality standard.

Thanks to its internal design team, specialized for years in the development of composite material components, Carbonmade can bring an idea to life from the initial sketch to the industrialization of the object.


1 +
years of experience
99500 +
items produced/year
65000 +
lay-up hours/year
1000 +
autoclave cycles/year
49000 +
m2 Pre-Preg/year

Develop the experience gained in the Racing segment across various sectors, to produce components with structural and aesthetic characteristics, through the use of high modulus composite materials for new applications with high technical content

We, together with you, would like to share our successes.



Carbonmade has received the ISO 9001:2008 Certification. Therefore, the company operates by applying a quality management system for business processes aimed at improving effectiveness and efficiency in product realization and service delivery, thereby obtaining, and enhancing customer satisfaction and trust.