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Project Air Saddle

In the specific case of bicycle saddles, in recent years we have seen an evolution aimed at improving the quality of the materials and the conformation of the surface on which the cyclist rests, to offer greater comfort and pedaling efficiency. However, this path of evolution has kept unchanged the system with which the saddle is fixed to the column, by using two forks, which allow the translation and rotation of the saddle itself at the same time, acting as rails. The innovation dictated by the Air Saddle consists of a new fastening concept with the seat tube, abandoning the use of forks for a monocoque construction while still guaranteeing translation and rotation thanks to the closure of two screws. The innovation of the Air Saddle consists in simplifying the concept. This monocoque construction allows both to contain the weights and to obtain a sharp and innovative, minimalist design, in which functionality and aesthetics converge to the same result. The Air Saddle represents the maximum in terms of design and performance, quality of materials and production technology, it is the current reference for sportiness and lightness in the field of racing bike saddles.

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The geometry of the Air Saddle was defined through a series of FEM analysis to check the most stressed points of the structure, thus defining the stresses and thicknesses necessary to guarantee the resistance of the structure while maintaining good flexibility. The carbon body, being a monocoque itself, offers high rigidity without needing to be weighed down with a lot of material, as is evident from the images shown, the junction between the upper and lower hulls is the most stressed point, where it has been developed a reinforced lamination. This project will soon be available on the market for the main leading manufacturers in bicycle business.